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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Just When I Said Things Were Looking Good...

The bleeding bladder issue is back, with a vengeance. Last night, I got almost NO sleep due to having to pee about every 10 to 15 minutes, all night!
Went through 3 diapers, well actually 4 by six in the morning. To make that worse, it was mostly blood. It was a hell of a mess.
Tomorrow, I see Dr Y and company. we'll see what he has to say about this mess.

It is now the middle of the day and the bleeding seems to have stopped, at least for a while. I'll also be talking to my new urologist, Dr F about it.
I think we're going to have to go back for more surgery and do it before the beginning of the new year.

*sips bourbon*

Ya know, all this fucking booze is probably responsible for a lot of this...just sayin',

Sometimes lately, I feel like I'm going to pass away soon, I don't really know why. I lie in bed thinking of how my life has been and how patient my wife has been and how much of her life she has given uo for me.
Is this a 'pity party'? Probably,but I don't really care.
I guess it's mostly looking back on my life and accomplishments and seeing, clearly now, what I should have done and didn't.
I just didn't think I would be taking this course in life, of course, I guess most people go through the same thing at one point or another.

I'm off the 'benzos' for a while, at least, even though they DO go well with whiskey, lol!!

Fuck it! I'm off to get some dinner and then, hopefully, some sleep!

Bad mood tonight...sorry!


Monday, December 14, 2015

Not Too Much Going On Lately

Life's been quiet around here for the past few weeks. I've managed to stay out of trouble pretty well with the exception of gaining a few pounds back...again.

A few days ago, I managed to slip and fall on the kitchen floor. It's a hard tile floor and at 270 some pounds, I hit pretty hard. I was down for about 5 minutes before I felt like I could get up.
I assumed that I was really going to feel it the next few days but, believe it or not, I was fine with the exception of a small bruise on my left knee.
It's a good thing I didn't land on my head or the floor could have been damaged!  ;)

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

A Few Short Updates

I finally got around to scheduling my nuclear stress test for January 4th. Hopefully, there won't be any issues with my new health insurance coverage which starts on the 1st.
This test is a bit pricey, just the way to break in a new policy.  ;)

I also picked up a new laptop at It is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I finally figured how to tap into my PayPal line of credit. YAY!!
It's an HP "workhorse" with few bells and whistles but that's really all I need for what I do.
Power wise, it's about the same as my deceased desktop. It sports Windows 7 Professional which is what the wife has and it is 64 bit.
I'm assuming the two machines will be able to talk to each other via the LAN we have set up which is something we couldn't do before because she had Windows Pro and I had Vista.

That's about it for now. Gonna go eat some salad!


Shoe cartoon
Lol! This SO reminds me of myself!

Sunday, December 06, 2015

I really feel like shit tonight! How's that for an opening line?

Today, I Feel Like A Mack Truck Hit Me! Changing Weather I Guess.
It started  out with just generalized aches and pains and then deteriorated into one of my world famous "down with people" days which can frequently stretch into a week or more.
My wife, however is just the opposite. She is the epitome of patience and good humor.
Personally, I don't have a clue how she manages to do that.

Went down to Best Buy yesterday to look for a laptop to replace the desktop I just lost. Found one at a price we could afford. It's an HP Mod# g119dx , very basic but that's really all I need at this point.
Of course, PayPal wouldn't release my $1200 credit line that I've had for years so I'm going to call them tomorrow to see if they'll negotiate. Lol!

*Takes a sip of cheap bourbon*

No heath issues in the family for a change...YAY! However, the next time I see Dr F, my new urologist, I'm going to ask him to order a T-Level to see where my testosterone is at. I've been curious about that for quite a while. It's just a simple blood test.Probably costs $20,000+ but fuck 'em if they can't take a joke!  ;)

Karen is doing a fabulous job on the landscaping while I just sit back in the house and pee my diapers. I sincerely hope to be there if this situation should ever happen to her!
She gives more love and assistance than I deserve and at her own expense!

She holds the distinction of being my 4th wife and my last. Seems I finally got it right!  :)



A blog entry was unintentionally posted last night regarding a health issue involving my wife, Karen.
I misunderstood the meaning of a routine medical report involving her health status and, after a couple of bourbons, wound up posting totally erroneous information,

There is no health issue. I have seriously embarrassed myself.

I apologize to both my wife and anyone who may have happened to read it as well.

There is NOTHING wrong with Karen or any of her lab work. I need to clean up my act as far as accuracy goes! I also need to blog BEFORE I imbibe.

Once again, please disregard anything posted last night as there is absolutely NO truth to it! 


Thursday, December 03, 2015

My Computer's Fallen And it Can't Get Up!

Since I posted last, my PC decided to cash in it's chips (no pun intended) The CPU crapped out so now I'm on the old lady's laptop until I can afford on of my own. ( I think the cat had something to do with it. He's walking around with a real guilty expression on his little bitty kitty face.)

The weather here has been COLD! As low as 33 degrees at night over the past week. We finally had to activate the heat as the house was dropping to the mid sixties at night.
It's hard to believe we're that sensitive, being native New Yorkers and all.

I just received authorization for my nuclear cardiac stress test. They strap you to a chair next to a small thermonuclear device to see if you exhibit any signs of stress. (well, that's what I heard!)
Actually, they just shoot you up with a short lived isotope and a drug to temporarily increase the stroke volume of the heart and then run you through a gamma camera.
Hopefully, the test results will be unremarkable.

Green Bay is off to a dismal start against Detroit at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. 17 to 0!

Health-wise, I've totally forgotten whether I mentioned that I got the report from the lumbar images and they did show arthritic changes so we're not going to fart around with the MRI.
It most likely wouldn't tell us anymore than we already know.

The bladder's fine, no more blood, just diapers. I'm thinking this might be a new look for me.
Just imagine...a morbidly obese, middle aged curmudgeon  with no visible penis and a bad haircut hanging around the house wearing nothing but diapers.
Get the right people on the story and I see SCREENPLAY!

Ok! Time to give the laptop back to the wife. I've gotten into enough mischief for one night!