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Friday, January 17, 2014

PCa...The Battle Begins... Reloaded

Date: 2014-01-17 17:53:05

It appears that I haven't made an entry since October 10th, 2013.
The main reason for this was that the plotline here was becoming less of a cancer journal and more just a collection of personal drivel.

Looks like that's about to change.

My PSA values over the past 6 months have been consistently rising, going from 0.1 6 months ago to 0.1 3 months ago to 0.2 this past week. This is NOT good news, given the fact that I'm not supposed to have a detectable PSA at all and the rate that it is rising.
The interpretation of these new values is made more uncertain due to the fact that I not only had surgery to remove the prostate but I also had adjuvant radiation to the prostatic fossa due to the presence of positive surgical margins.


With all that being said, we're back to the same old waiting game again except with a different stressor. Instead of wondering month to month whether the PSA is going to rise or not, now it's how fast is it rising. I have to assume that it's not due to the PSA 'bounce' phenomenon but an actual recurrence (hopefully local) until proven otherwise.
Dr K (remember him?) claims he's not concerned because a valid trend hasn't been established yet. Dr Y, my RO, hasn't seen the latest results so I may make an appt. see him for a consultation.
We'll see what his take on it is.

Other than that, the wife and I are generally healthy and I just got a 'Platinum' level PPO which I sure hope I'm not gonna need, at least not in the near future
The knitting is still going well. I'm currently working on 2 projects. I'm really glad I chose a hobby like that as I can still do it if confined to a wheelchair or hospital bed. Lol!

Oh yeah, I'm not drinking anymore...or any less.

Do I sound like a pessimist? I'm just really tired of being right about things going wrong!